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Emotion Release (Energy Rebalancing)

Trapped emotions and dark energy is stored in our cells and in our subconscious mind. This can be from our present life, past life or inherited from our ancestry and we may be unaware of their presence.

These memories and dark energies may adversely affect our mental patterns, behaviour, how we feel about ourselves, how we feel about life and they may lower our immunity and create mental, emotional and physical pain. It is now understood that many health issues could have a component of trapped emotions and dark energy at their core and Emotion Release Therapy is proving to reverse many of these imbalances.


Emotion and Dark Energy Release is a form of energy healing that can gently release suppressed emotions (energy blocks) from our cells and subconscious mind which stores every experience we've ever had. It does this gently and without the need to relive the experience or negative event. The treatment targets specific areas where negative emotions and dark energies may be stored releasing them at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

Clients report feeling calm, relaxed and much lighter with the dissipation of physical pain. Dark energy specifically can impede any physical healing work you are engaged in with other Health Care Practitioners. Identifying and releasing this type of energy is a critical component to life balance.

Pain relief may sometimes be immediate. Emotional and mental pain may take a bit longer to fully release. These are permanent releases from the energy field. I also teach clients how to avoid re-infecting the energy field and I provide free energy tools to use between treatments to help continue releasing stagnant blocked energy from the body.

Whole Foods Coaching​

Shifting our diet may be overwhelming in the beginning however it doesn't have to be. Taking small, simple steps over time may develop lifelong habits. 

We muscle test to determine what foods your body prefers you to avoid and then guide you to learn how to bring more of the potent life-rich energy foods into your day while crowding out more potentially harmful foods that may be linked to many health conditions. Foods that you are sensitive to, can create allergies over time. These symptoms range from sinus and digestive issues including physical body pain and body weight issues.

Incorporating more whole foods into your diet will support your wellness journey so you may experience balanced health and preserve your life force energy. Over time, you will easily be consuming a variety of whole food meals that are rich in flavour and satiating. This way of eating can balance many lifestyle health issues including bodyweight issues.

Whole Food Coaching Learning Outcome:

The medical research data backing whole food nutrition lifestyle

Foods that may heal and prevent most chronic lifestyle diseases

Which foods to that may balance body fat

How to have a healthy relationship with food (no more emotional eating)

How and what specific whole foods may detox the body naturally

Specific food protocols that may enhance health

How to choose the right foods that provide the best health results for this lifestyle

How to choose the right foods while in restaurants and travelling

Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are provided along with a sample menu

We will spend one hour per week for three weeks transitioning you to adding more Whole Foods into your diet. By the completion of this program, you will be on the road to optimal wellness in preventing and reversing many lifestyle diseases.


Learning breathing techniques may be helpful to relieve stress caused by our reactions to external events. There are different ways to meditate: yoga, walking in nature and breathing are types of meditation.

HeartMath is a form of breath work training which may bring you to a present state of awareness - into the moment - and may help to keep you there. HeartMath does this immediately and effectively and doesn't require you to 'find the time' to meditate. It is the only scientifically-validated system of emotional management that can help you meet life's challenges with poise and resilience in the moment the stress is occurring.

Heartmath may help you access the power of your heart through specific breathing techniques that are designed to immediately calm the nervous system and stop chronic over-thinking.

NOTE: I teach all clients the HeartMath technique as a complimentary offering with Emotion & Dark Energy Release and Whole Food Coaching.

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